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This page is for the express reason that I want your referrals. I would like to help your friends, family members and co-workers with their next home purchase or sale.

Why request referrals on my website? Well, I am a relatively normal person. I don’t go to church or go on my kid's field trips to solicit business from friends. I’m different in that I don’t really like to brag about myself or my accomplishments.
This is kind of counter intuitive in the sales community simply because it seems like the top people in sales are the ones that shout “I am the greatest” the loudest. Nobody really believes it, but uses them anyway because the message is out there and they don’t know anyone better.
I would rather do the best job I can to help my clients meet their goals than brag about myself. My goal is to have you want to send people to me and for the people you send me to enjoy great service too.
Thank you for your referral!


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