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As a medical professional, what does a house or place of business mean to you?

To some people real estate means a house that later on will become a home.  For Cary it means fond memories, hard work, warm emotions, families’ wealth, wishes coming true, yourself expressed, and the establishment of roots. Home is the most unique place in the universe….home is …you.

On the commercial side of the real estate equation an office can be an expression of personal and/or corporate identity, combined with location preferences and possibly investment.  What type of practice do you want?  What face do you present to the world?  Do you want high end glitter, or quality basics?  Small family practice, or large partnership?

Cary treats real estate with high professionalism and profound respect. He understands the value of homeownership, business ownership, and investing - something he learned at an early age from his family whose values where reinforced and centered around homeownership and private business ownership.

Simplicity, common sense, and professional responsibility  is what he applies to his work.  A real estate professional like Cary takes a complicated process and transforms it into an easy, comprehensive, and informative process for clients. Knowing his clients will always benefit, he constantly researches and studies the market, it’s conditions and the better ways to negotiate the best transaction for his clients.

Cary has over 14 years of real estate experience from both the residential and commercial side.  From small condos for students to commercial buildings.  Estate properties, to first time homebuyers.  Luxury properties to investment fixers.  Cary specializes in the real estate diagnosis of…  YOU. 

Every individual, family, and business is different.  Call or email Cary to schedule time to partner in finding your next home, office, or the sale of your current residence or practice.    

Cary is proud to have been accepted as a professional to work with the medical profession at MD Preferred.  www.mdpreferredservices.com   

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